Frequently Asked Question

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Frequently Asked Question

What capacity inverters does EVVO have?

On grid inverters ranging from 1 to 255kW and hybrid inverters ranging from 3 to 10kW.

How widespread are EVVO inverters globally?

EVVO inverters are globally available in 10+ countries around India.

How to connect the EVVO inverter to WiFi?

Kindly refer to the WiFi setup manual in our website.

What is the difference between WiFi & GRPS logger?

WiFi loggers work by connecting them with site WiFi routers whereas GPRS loggers work via a sim card.

How to set the input mode?

Based on the site panel orientations. You can either set the input mode as parallel or independent. This can be done under “Enter Settings”  “Set Input Mode” option in the inverter.

Does EVVO inverters have inbuilt zero export or a separate device to be used?

In single phase EVVO inverters, zero export function is built but anyway a CT coil is required to connect to and enable this function. For three phase EVVO inverters, a separate Zero export device will be required.

What are the basic settings to be done while commissioning an inverter?

Time, date and country code should be set while commissioning an inverter. Time and date can be set through “Enter Settings””Set time” option and country code can be set through “Enter settings””Set country” option.

Which application is used for online monitoring?

“Solarmanpro” for installers and “Solarman” for end users. These apps are available in both android play store and apple app store.

What are the data that could be viewed on EVVO portal?

Inverter DC MPPT voltage, current and power values, AC voltage, frequency and power values, Inverter alert code, Site ambient temperature and inverter temperature values, Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly generation values. In addition, string wise monitoring can be done in inverters above 50kW.

What generation parameters will be displayed on the inverter?

Instantaneous Power, Today and Total generation values will be displayed in the interface.

What type of user interface available on EVVO Inverter?

LCD display with buttons.

What are the communication modes available on EVVO inverter?

RS485 (WiFi / GPRS optional)

What are the suitable communication devices for EVVO Inverter?

EVVO WiFi logger, EVVO GPRS logger, EVVO inverter logger, Evolve cloud device.

How many Inverter can we connected to EVVO logger?

One inverter can be connected to EVVO WiFi / GPRS loggers whereas 10inverters can be connected to EVVO inverter logger.

Can we shut down the inverter via online?

Yes, inverter can be shutdown remotely.

Can we update the inverter parameter via Online?

If the inverter online remote monitoring enabled and is working normal, firmware can be remotely updated.

Can we adjust Reactive power on this inverter?

We can adjust the reactive power from 0.8 lag to 0.8 lead.